Blacktip Photo ID

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Blacktip 118 "Anna"


BT118 Fin Print right 2011 and left 2010

                                                Date of first sighting: July 2009

                                                Place: Hin Phae

                                                Estimated size: 1,4 m (2017)

                                                Sex: Female

This active shark was seen again this year getting very close. 

She is one of the sharks which can be identified on both sides of her body.

Hin Phae, July 2009

Hin Phae, July 2011

Hin Phae, July 2011

Hin Phae. July 2013

Hin Phae. July 2015

Hin Phae, July 2016

Hin Phae, July 2017