Blacktip Photo ID

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Blacktip 083 "Serena"

BT83 Fin Print right 2013

                                                Date of first observation: July 2008

                                                Place: Hin Phae

                                                Estimated size: 1,5 m (2018)

                                                Sex: Female

A big poverfull female not seen a while, was back in 2011 and again in 2013 and 2015, where she had many bruises from mating. Also around in 2018. A popular lady.

Hin Phae, July 2008

Hin Phae, July 2011

Hin Phae, July 2013

Hin Phae, July 2015

Hin Phae, July 2016. Bite marks from mating and golden trevallies around for protection.

Hin Phae, July 2018


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