Blacktip Photo ID

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Blacktip 090 "Oscar"

BT90 Fin Print right 2013

                                                Date of first observation: July 2008

                                                Place: Hin Phae

                                                Estimated size: 1,4 m (2018)

                                                Sex: Male

One of the bigger males. Often swimming with a few of other males. Video clip.

Hin Phae, July 2008

Hin Phae, November 2008. This photo is taken by Scott Nosenco


Hin Phae. July 2009

Hin Phae. July 2013

Hin Phae. July 2013

Hin Phae, July 2015

Hin Phae, July 2016

Hin Phae, July 2018