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Blacktip 216 "INGOLF"

BT216 Fin Print right 2016

                                                Date of first observation: July 2016

                                                Place: Hin Phae

                                                Estimated size:  1,1 m (2019)

                                          Sex: Male

Ingolf was here again 2017, 2018 and 2019. Let's hope he stays around. Turned out "she" was a male in 2017. Before then, it could not be seen. Now he is flirting with the females as can be seen on the last photo.

Hin Phae, July 2016

Hin Phae, July 2016

Hin Phae, July 2017

Hin Phae, July 2018

Hin Phae, July 2019

Hin Phae, July 2019. Mating behavior.