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On these pages the individual blacktip reefsharks have been identified. This helps to get an estimate of numbers and age, males and females and to keep track on the population of blacktip reefsharks around Phi Phi Islands.

At the moment (2019) 332 different individual sharks have been registered starting from January 1993. Of these 88 have been identified as males. 150 sharks are individuals seen more than 1 year, some of them 6-7 years in a row. Two sharks "Pen" and "Mai" have been seen from 2006 as well as 2019. There is evidens of mating in the month of July, as several of the females have fresh bite marks on their bodies. From the photos it can be seen that even deep bite marks and bruises will heal completely. Look at "Noi"

Number of sharks registered by photo and log the different years: 

1993 22
1996 3
1997 8
1998 17
2001 6
2003 10
2004 7
2005 12
2006 22
2007 21
2008 44
2009 36
2010 41
2011 68
2012 1
2013 75
2014 23
2015 46
2016 69
2017 45
2018 78
2019 102

This year (2019) in July there were at least 102 different sharks which is the best so far. I saw up to 27 sharks at the same time and have identified 102 different individuals to PhotoID. 35 of the registered sharks were males. Very young sharks (40 cm) to adult pregnant females. 62 sharks are sharks known from previous years and 40 sharks are new ones. Again Pen and Mai from 2006 were seen. Two sharks were seen with hooks this year. With the help of Shark Guardian and others we hopefully can keep the blacktips of this area from the soup bowls.

If you see sharks around Phi Phi and are lucky to get a photo please mail it  with the following information:


Place (around Phi Phi Islands):

Estimated size of the shark:

The photo should be of the RIGHT SIDE of the animal

Should the shark be observed more than one year it gets a name.

The following specimens have been recorded at Long Beach, Hin Phae and Phi Phi Leh:


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Blacktip 001 (BT1a-h2006-7)

Blacktip 002 "Pen"

Blacktip 003 "Mai"

Blacktip 004 "Taa"

Blacktip 005 "Agnes"

Blacktip 006 "Carola"

Blacktip 007 (BT7a-h2006-7)

Blacktip 008 "Mary"

Blacktip 009 "Yuu"

Blacktip 010 (BT10a-h2006-7)

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All photos copyright Lars Bindholt